Laskarina is a brand that combines history with art, making jewelry inspired by the Great Greek revolution of the 1821, the heroines of that period, the traditional costumes and folk art.

In Laskarina we strongly believe in the revival of traditional techniques based on modern time needs by using materials such as fabrics made οn a loom, embroidery, handmade tassels and semiprecious stones. We believe in sustainability and we focus on zero waste policy and ethical production.

Each style is produced in a 50-piece edition. We keep our production in Greece by sourcing our materials locally and giving back to the Greek community .

In a world driven by fast fashion our vision is to create unique and timeless jewelry for the women of today.


The Designer

My philosophy was to create jewelry from the materials of traditional greek costumes. The reference to the past. The name “LASKARINA” was given for this very reason, to highligt the historical period that inspires my creations. I wanted to bring the past into the present in the most modern and contemporary way possible.

Irini Arampatzidou